DC Web Fest's Official 2017 Selections

We are thrilled to announce this year's Official Selections and Winners. Screenwriting Selections were awarded software from Final Draft. Congrats to all makers!

2017 winners


Web Series Gold Winners

Wizard Of Aus

Attack! Attack! Art?

High Road



Web Series Silver Winners

Mimosas With Millie


FashPack: Freetown

The Water Cooler

Yukata Cowboy

The Messy Truth

That's My DJ


Local Hero Web Content Winner

The Magic Trick



Game Gold Winner



Game Silver Winners


Mini Metro


Local Student Hero Award

K. Dot Lingo


Screen Writing Gold Winners

Poe Party

East Coast Grow


Screen Writing Silver Winners

Knights Of New Jersey

Best Thing you'll Ever Do


Local Hero Screen Writing

Starship Farragut

2017 official selections

Web Series & Short films

The Wizard of Aus (Australia)

Mimosas with Millie (US)

Fat & Fat (Germany)

Like You (Australia)

The Watercooler (New Zealand)

That's My DJ (Canada)

Bertrand (France)

Zyara (Lebanon)

High Road (New Zealand)

Idiot Box (Australia)

Orazio's Clan (Italy)

The Rome Power (Italy)

Fashpack: Freetown (Sierra Leone/Australia)

Arthur (Italy)

Yukata Cowboy (Japan/US)

Bruce the Series (Australia)

Attack! Attack! Art? (Australia)

The Messy Truth (US)

Tank (France)

The Magic Trick (US)



Neil in Therapy
Best Thing You'll Ever Do
Paper Boys
Starship Farragut
Poe Party
East Coast Grow
Behind the Blinds
Knights of New Jersey

APPS/Online Games

K.Dot Lingo
Mini Metro

Super Hot

Honorable Mentions


Church Night

Shiny Baby Goats

Pantsless Detective

Video Store