Otessa + BEACON Grant Program


So, we got the news and we're totally AMPED. Two of Otessa's projects have been selected as apart of the Beacon Grant Program community voting round! Pretty exciting to say the least. In short, the Beacon Grant Program provides funding and resources to women who are doing major work and making an impact in the DC area. The idea is to make DC a hub for female entrepreneurs- stuff created BY WOMEN, FOR WOMEN. 

The two projects selected are DC Web Fest and "She So Crazy". Most of you probably already know all about DC Web Fest, the area's first digital media festival that entertains and educates through promoting and showcasing the best of indie digital content. "She So Crazy" is the newest project co-produced by Otessa Ghadar and good friend Ashley Reede. 

"She So Crazy" is a multimedia project that uses portrait photography, podcast segments, blogs, and tv/digital series to give women a platform to tell their stories and experiences with toxic culture- from microaggressions and sexism to internalization and coping, we are unpacking it ALL with this project. The hope from the project is that women will not only experience a sense of relief and liberation upon speaking out on these issues, but we hope that it will form a sort of sisterhood. 

If we win this grant, we will be provided with the funds and resources to scale up the QUALITY and QUANTITY of our content, reaching a wider audience and making a greater impact. Are you with us? If so, do these two steps to push us closer to winning!

1) Visit https://beacon.grantplatform.com/register/maEbMKJw

2) Register to access the community voting section

3) Search for DC Web Fest and She So Crazy and vote!

We're reaching for the stars!

Love & Peace!