What We Do

Mission + History

Our festival was created like all good things - under the Principle of Innovation - 'If it doesn't exist, create it.'  In 2013, Founder and Director of 20/20 Productions and life-long Washingtonian, Otessa Ghadar, was making the festival rounds with her now award-winning web series, Orange Juice in Bishop's Garden. Feeling a lack of industry support for what was then an emerging art-form, the web series, Ghadar decided to create a festival whose sole purpose would be to celebrate and promote the format. Thus was born the first ever festival devoted solely for web series, DC Web Fest.

The first festival was co-hosted by accomplished comedian Dan Levy and the best of the festival was subsequently featured during the 27th Annual DC International Film Festival, a week-long showcase for new international cinema. In later years, a symposium was added to the program to discuss future trends in the industry. As the festival has grown, it has gone on to not only include the best web series happening today but also gaming and app development.

Now, four years later, the festival's goal is to entertain, educate and promote the innovative forms and diverse voices in the new media landscape. Taking place over a spring weekend every year in our nation's capital, the festival highlights the best of new media. This includes all genres of web series and the best of digital media from gaming to app development.