DC Web Fest 2018: Official Web Series Selections!

Congratulations to our official web series selections! 

Wow. You all made this year a tough one. We got incredible content from all over the world, we send a hearty congratulations to everyone who participated - keep it up! This year, we are segmenting our selections into American series and international series. Take a look at their loglines below! 


Other People's Children: Margot Antler dreams of becoming a renown novelist with a three-book deal and a summer house in Ghent. Reality check: she's a rookie second-grade teacher about to experience the insanity of parent/teacher conferences for the first time! In each episode, Ms. Antler finds herself across the table from adults behaving like children, and slowly comes to realize it's not her students who have problems, it's their parents. 

#WhoKilledHeather: #WhoKilledHeather is a 36 episode murder/mystery web series following college student Andrew Olson on his personal investigation to uncover the truth behind the recent murder of a classmate. 

Kill Me: "Kill Me" is a comedy series about actors who specialize in playing dead bodies on TV procedurals. | Bernie Wentworth’s passion is playing dead bodies on TV, or as she calls it: corpse acting. Whether it’s crime procedurals or character-driven dramas, Bernie is always enthusiastic about lying down, silent, and motionless. Corpse acting mostly consists of morgue work and crime scenes, but Bernie’s dream role is to be an omniscient dead narrator. Like Desperate Housewives or Gossip Girl, but dead.

Saaba: Made by DC native Lance Kramer, SAABA is a six-part documentary series that traces the personal stories of residents and police fighting insecurity on the region's frontlines. The recent killing of four U.S. Army Special Forces soldiers in Niger and an attack in the summer of 2016 that claimed the lives of 18 people in Burkina Faso highlight the extremist violence and other security threats facing communities in the Sahel region of Africa. From the award-winning filmmakers at Meridian Hill Pictures (CITY OF TREES) and Big Mouth Productions (CAMERAPERSON), Saaba chronicles a USIP initiative to build trust and reduce tensions among citizens, police, local authorities and informal security groups outside Ouagadougou, the capital of the West African country of Burkina Faso.

Beast: After his father mysteriously goes missing at sea, a teenager rallies the help of his small fishing-island town to set out and find him. 

Photographers Without Borders: PWB (Photographers Without Borders) TV takes our viewers all over the world to explore the challenges we face on the planet and the people who are taking them on, all through the lenses of our heroic photographers. This season takes us to Kenya to look at human trafficking, to India to look at how women are affected by the caste system, to Bali to learn about sustainability and poverty reduction, and Bosnia and Herzegovina to learn more about how youth see the world post-conflict. PWB strives to address the UN Sustainable Development Goals through storytelling and PWB TV is one of our main vehicles. 

She's Got Grit: She’s Got Grit is a docu-series about female athletes with disabilities who compete at the highest levels, in an attempt to change the perception of disability in our culture.

DOOMSDAY: This dramatic series follows the daily lives of the dozen millennial commune residents in The Catskills. Dagny, the enigmatic leader of the sect, leads daily group unity exercises, enforces 'green initiatives' (ie: one bath a week, raw food diet and biodegradable uniforms) and preaches of the dangers of over-population (which rapes the precious earth of nutrients.) Abstinence within the sect is obviously mandatory. When Dagny has a prophecy about the end of the world, chaos ensues.

The Pepper Project: Ex-CIA super-sniper Pepper and her boys Friday must solve a series of increasingly dangerous puzzles in order to find her missing sister. We tell a story of personal challenge with intriguing and complex characters, plotlines that intersect and unravel, sans gratuitous violence.

People Who Brunch: Sunday brunch has become a staple for the upwardly mobile millennial. This series satirizes the high maintenance crowd and the requests one might overhear while enjoying a Sunday brunch.

KYNNSTLAH: KYNNSTLAH is a mini-doc series that discovers and portrays emerging artists and explores art as a means of expression, communication, and emotional connection.

Mona Lisa Cowboy: Living abroad can be a curse or a blessing. Playfully reflecting on misunderstandings, surprise encounters and the vagaries of an expat life, MONA LISA COWBOY (a dramatic comedy about two estranged Chinese twins brought together by a Japanese-American cowboy in Paris) tells the universal story of wanderers, living between comedy and drama as they straddle cultures. 



This is Desmondo Ray (Australia): Internationally acclaimed that combines live action with animation, this unique series follows a peculiar man's search for love in a dark and troubling world.

Alice in Paris (France): A short-form, scripted series where we follow an energetic young woman through the streets of Paris to find the best food and places in a city she knows like the back of her hand, but one in which she can still easily get lost.

We All Wanted to Kill The President (Spain): A group of catering workers receive an unexpected visit: the arrival of the president of the government. A corrupt guy, known for his excesses and hated by much of the population. They will start joking with poisoning the food, of course, all in jest. Until, the next morning, Martinez de Ochoa is found dead in a hotel room in a mysterious way.

Restoration (Australia): In a near-future world, where individuals have their memories downloaded for backup, a man awakes in a body that is not his own.

Supa Supa (France): Supa Supa, the story of the unusual superhero guy who goes on a quest full of hope, energy, and first-world hardship before he can call himself a man. As he finds himself struck by The Perfect Girl’s beauty, he discovers his power: to bend and control reality thanks to pixilation. However, this amazing ability won’t necessarily make his hardships any easier. Will he romance The Girl of his dreams? 

Spectrums (Israel): Spectrums is a new Israeli documentary series that follows the social, political and spiritual world of 10 members of the transgender community in Israel.

The Amazing Hoolister Park (Uruguay/ Argentina): Alina is a young girl obsessed with all kind of detective novels, but she has a big problem: she works for the most boring theme park in the world. One night, her luck changes when one of her colleagues appears dead. Its seems that Hoolister is not that boring after all...

Wishlist (Germany): How far would you go to make your greatest wishes come true? This is the central question in "Wishlist", Germany's first mystery drama web series. The story revolves around Wishlist, a smartphone app which makes your wishes come true - in exchange for fulfilling tasks the app is setting. Within the ten-episodes of season one, 17-year-old Mira and her friends discover the app and initially love it wholeheartedly. Soon however, they discover that their actions have unintended and terrible consequences...

PSUSY (New Zealand): PSUSY follows two grotty girls as they suss out their offline lives as low functioning “adults”. On the backdrop of sexploits and getting high we follow their peaks and troughs dealing with various societal woes - albeit with splotches of the absurd.

How to Buy A Baby (Canada): Thirty-something couple, JANE and CHARLIE LEVY, have long given up on having a baby the fun way. Having been diagnosed with infertility, they are resigned to needing costly and invasive assistance if they are ever to become parents. They are determined, though, to keep things fertiliFUN and not lose sight of the reasons why they wanted to have a baby together in the first place. 

Dragon Race (France): Six people kidnapped by a Korean billionaire are forced to take part in a new kind of car race. Using VR simulators at first, they soon enough engage in a real race with no holds barred. Until death. 

Anachronism (Italy): Walter hasn't left home for over 7 years: he's tormented by his past and poetry is the only comfort he has. One day he hears a woman singing on the other side of his apartment's wall. This new potential friendship could be his chance to open up and easing his burden.

Nemausus (France): Ben just turned 30. He's a shy man, and in love with his coworker Diane. He's got two main passions in life: Historical reconstitutions with his figurines club, and his job at the Tourism Office in Nîmes, which consists in taking visitors on board across the city. One sad birthday party, time-traveling mystery folk, and a Roman named Volesus turn Ben's world upside down. 

Avalon Now (Australia): At the heart of Sydney’s northern beaches lies the sunny suburb of Avalon, where attractive, socially-progressive families cruise through life in four-wheel drives. But beneath the sunny veneer the suburb is gripped by crisis, mostly of the mid-life variety. Prosecco or Champagne? How does this Tinder thing work? And what if the year’s biggest social event – The White Party – is a flop? This series shows you the underbelly of Australia’s most glamorous postcode.