Eighth Grade Press Screening- Thanks to The Wing!

All photo credit: Orla Conway 

All photo credit: Orla Conway 

The Wing DC, a co-working space for women who demonstrate excellence in their work, graciously invited their members to an exclusive screening of "Eight Grade" at E St. Cinema. Many thanks to the Wing for the awesome opportunity to screen this brilliant film! Also, may thanks to our friends Orla Conway and her beautiful mother, Peggy Pridemore (the locations guru for all movies that are shot in the mid-atlantic), who attended the screening on our behalf.

They had nothing but positive comments about the movie! Check out Orla's quotes: 

"Really fun, the panel afterwards was cool. It's definitely another white teen coming of age story but this one was VERY believable. The awkwardness was played so well that it had the audience verbally cringing and calling out with exclamations of advice lol." 

"I think we've ALL felt similarly to the protagonist when we were 13."

"They cover school shooting preparation drills and sexual assault in a very relatable way that most young women experience."

Our friend Hena Ghaznavi did not attend but she said this:
"Yeah Bo Burnam is a YouTube comedian I really like and he wrote and directed the film, so I knew it'd have some poignant moments."

I think that's all you need to know to GET OUT AND GO SEE THE MOVIE TOMORROW! Visit https://tickets.eighthgrade.movie/ for showtimes and tickets.

Meanwhile, enjoy the below photos from the screening at E St. Cinema (click the photo to scroll to the next).