Location Scouting @ Eaton House!

CALLING ALL ARTISTS, ACTIVISTS, SOCIAL CHANGE AGENTS, AND ALL OTHERS MAKING IMPACT WITH YOUR WORK- If you have never been to Eaton House DC, YOU MUST GO! Seriously. This place is HOT and it’s designed just for you.

In short, Eaton House is a one-stop shop for folks who need space and resources to actualize their visions through meaningful work. This place has it all- from a podcast studio and various nooks for great coffee and food to hotel rooms, office space, event space, topped off with a dope rooftop space that is perfect for just about any event.

This place seems like it would be a super cool home for DC Web Fest 7. The folks there are very warm and welcoming. The interior is adorned with unique and eloquent art and design. There is even a theater room- perfect for a web fest , right? Yeah, this place has it all but let the photos below tell it!

Love & Peace.

Photo credits: Diana Eaton