The Epidemics of Prejudice and Discrimination in Dating

Prejudice and discrimination have been worldwide epidemics that have plagued the minds of the ignorant for centuries. Attitudes, perceptions, and behaviors have progressed and evolved over time; however, many distorted minds still operate in a prejudice fashion, discriminating against those who don’t fit the “perfect” or “ideal” physical image. This is indeed TOXIC CULTURE.

When it comes to dating, many women (and men) are overlooked and counted out because of their physical appearance, with no consideration of quality of character, personal ambition/drive, personality, etc. Let’s check out a couple examples: A Pakistani gal and guy make a great connection online. They even talk over the phone. Weeks pass, they have built strong rapport, and they are ready to meet in person. When the time comes to meet, the guy is INSTANTLY turned off by what he sees. The young lady is beautiful and dresses well, but she is far darker than what he expected or desired (though he is of darker complexion himself). In addition, she stands 5’ll, two inches taller than him and she is overweight. The guy endures the date but expresses his disinterest of continuing the relationship - ALL BECAUSE OF APPEARANCE. This example could also be reversed, where the gal is the “ideal” image of a Pakistani woman and the guy is too short, dark, and overweight. How unfortunate to miss out on a great relationship with a great person just because they don’t fit the “perfect’ or “ideal” image set forth by TOXIC CULTURE.

The best way to combat the epidemics of prejudice and discrimination is to UNDERSTAND that we’re all EQUAL! A person is much more than their skin tone, weight, height, etc. Also, we need to know that there is no such thing as the “PERFECT” or “IDEAL” image! Beautiful people come in all shapes, sizes, colors, etc.

Don’t appraise someone’s beauty based upon faulty standards set forth by a toxic culture. Don’t be a victim of the epidemics of prejudice and discrimination that have plagued (and still plague) the distorted.

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Peace and love.