A Place to Call Home!

Venues…venues…and more venues! Finding a home for DC Web Fest 7 is INDEED one of the most important tasks at the moment. We’ve checked out some really amazing places like Eaton House and Decades; however, we have yet to lock in with anyone officially.

For DC Web Fest 6, we were super fortunate enough to use the AT&T Forum for Technology, Entertainment & Policy which was the PERFECT match, considering we are a digital media and technology festival. There were more than enough screens (which enabled us to implement simultaneous programming), the space was flexible- allowing us to divide and open for multiple use, and the venue offered convenient catering that kept our guests fed.

The seek continues for the perfect place for next year’s web fest. We’re really scaling up for next year, so the place MUST BE fire! The city is filled with amazing spots, soon enough we will land one!

Drop a comment of any venues you think would be a great match :)

Peace & Love