Analyzing Diversity in Independent Media Project

Tired of the lack of diversity in movies? Tired of certain groups getting more screen time in movies than others? Tired of the same old content that keeps promoting the same old, stupid stereotypes? Well…SO ARE WE! Like you, we’re also over it…SERIOUSLY!

The lack of diversity and inclusion is no new issue. This has been an ongoing problem for decades. Although it has gotten better over the past several years, there is still much work that needs to be done.

The Geena Davis Inclusion Quotient is a program that uses advanced technology to detect male and female faces and determine the length of speech and screen time. The results from several top movies (across all genres) over the past few years have indicated that men get far more screen time and speech time compared to women. Even when there is a female lead in the movie, men still get more screen and speech time. Not surprised? Neither are we.

So we are embarking on this new Google-funded project that will use algorithms to analyze the demographics of content creators across different forms of visual media. We'll use the data to highlight underrepresented ethnic communities, gender divisions, and other areas of inequality/non-parity and provide qualitative and quantitative analysis for stakeholders, creators, and policy makers to begin addressing these issues.

The bottom line is there are still some folks who are in denial, claiming diversity IS NOT an issue…but it is…and we’re determined to prove it.

So how can you get in on the action?? SO GLAD YOU ASKED! It’s pretty simple. We’re collecting data through a brief survey that will only take a couple of minutes. The more data we gather, the better. So fill out the survey, share the link with every creative you know, and let’s pump up diversity and inclusion to better represent the world in which we live.

Questionnaire link: