DC Web Fest 2018: Official Podcast Selections

Congratulations to the 2018 DC Web Fest Official Submissions!

We are pleased to announce the official Podcast Selections for this year's DC Web Fest. Thanks to all who submitted their stories, and for making our first year of podcast submissions such a great one! Read below for more information on this year's selections: 

STRIDE AND SAUNTERStride and Saunter is a podcast for thinking differently - specifically about humanity and curiosity. Every week, Kip Clark and a variety of hosts and interviewees bring you honest, thought-provoking discussions about the world we live in and how we perceive it.

MAGICAL HISTORY OF KNOX COUNTYThe Magical History of Knox County is a delightful, whimsical tale. The show follows Mordecai Dogwood as he takes over for the missing host of a popular public radio show in rural Ohio - only to discover a magical ecosystem hiding in plain sight. With the help of a station tech, a park ranger, a pair of biologists, and a giant toad, Mordecai finds himself taking on responsibilities that were definitely not in his job description.

TWO BEER QUEERS: Tom and Josh are two gay men from Washington, D.C.  bonding over libations and conversations in Two Beer Queers. From awkward hookups to the outrageous news cycle, they're talking about all the things that you overhear your drunk friends talking about, with a focus on queer issues and culture. Put on your cutest underwear and grab a drink!

GOOD GRIEFGood Grief is a serialized podcast that tells the everyday stories of grief in a serialized format. In Season 1, host Sam Sabin shares her own story. In the weeks following her father's death, she learned two things: 1) He had a second family, and 2) that second family was her. 

GARBLED TWISTORYGarbled Twistory is a podcast that’s primary objective is to humanize history, through humorizing history. Rafiq Taylor walks us through American elections, with elation in tow. 

TRANSFERT: A podcast of Slate.fr and presented by Charlotte Pudlowski, Transfert (or "Tranfer") tells you true, exciting, and moving stories about the modern world and those who live there. Have you always dreamed of knowing the secret adventures of your noisy neighbors, which has transformed the personality of your cousin, which became the reason why your colleague can no longer trust anyone? Join the journey. 

DC DIARYDC Diary facilitates relationships that go beyond a business card. The podcast aims to bring together a community of DC professionals and provide a platform to share their stories, experiences, and personal narrative in an authentic way. 

ANANSI STORYTIME: Taking it's name from the spider trickster god of Western Africa, Anansi Kweku, locally produced Anansi Storytime dramatizes fairy tales and folklore from cultures all over the world as audio plays, for the enjoyment of young and old alike. 

DEALING WITH MY GRIEF: In April 1978, Dealing With My Grief podcast creator Darwyn M. Dave lost his father when he was 10 years old. Even though many years have passed, Dave realized he was not "over" his death, and uses this audio format to examine grief, in all of its manifestations.