DC Web Fest 2018: Official Trailer/ Digital Short Selections

Congratulations to the 2018 DC Web Fest Official Selections!

We are thrilled to share our first batch of films - shorts and digital trailers. These creators come from all over the world, from Afghanistan and Australia to Washington, D.C. and rural Ohio. Check out their loglines and external links below! 

The Luck Bird: (Afghanistan) Adam is a naive young man who fights with everyone. After losing his job, he seeks a solution from a wise man. The sage sends him to the desert and gives him forty days to hunt down the bird that brings good luck. 

The Hollow: (USA, student film) In completion of his senior thesis in Film, Kale Barber took inspiration from Japanese horror, set in his bucolic undergraduate surroundings. When Blair initiates an affair with her professor, she's contacted by a spirit with a score to settle.

Rock Bottom: (Australia) Nick Baker and Tristan Klein – old school friends – formed Seek and Hide Productions in 2012 and have been featured at festivals ever Since. This work features two comedians - Luke Heggie and Cassie Workman - who bring their weird and wacky world to life. Welcome to Rock Bottom - a filthy underground bar, full of filthy underground bugs.

The Hum: (Germany) Strange things are happening in the small village of Tandern, right on the edge of the Swabian Albtrauf. As Sarah, a young vet tech, tries to find the underlying cause of a woman's mysterious death, she is forced to face her dark past, getting caught between mother nature and humanity's exploitation of her. It seems something sinister lies inside the forest dark and deep...

Introverted Girl: (USA, DC Local, student film) An alumna of Howard University and recent MFA graduate in Film and Electronic Media from American University, A’Montay Giddings-Watson shows her personal digital story about exploring life as an introverted girl.

If You Care: (USA, DC Local, student film) Abrar Abulfaraj, a recent MFA graduate from American University in Film and Electronic Media, produced a public awareness website about certain autoimmune diseases, with motion graphics to help illustrate their stories.