Otessa and other greats at Blerdcon!

So, imagine this- a bunch of people convening to nerd out, exchange ideas, showcase work, and disperse knowledge- the 2018 Blerdcon! 

Creatives from all over gathered for the LOVE of art and creativity. We're super proud to announce that Otessa Ghadar did what she does best at the event- spoke all about creating on the digital landscape. The opportunity to share knowledge and teach with passion is always an honor. It's even cooler when you're amongst other women creators who are full of amazing stories and experiences. 

There are only three days left until the community voting round for the Beacon Grant Program ends. This grant is designed to make DC a hub for women entrepreneurs and creators. Simply put, there is a need for more content/products/services BY WOMEN, FOR WOMEN! The DC web fest has celebrated many female creators, from filmmakers to podcasters. We're pumped about possibly winning this grant, as it will allow is to REALLY scale up our content, provide more resources for women creators and entrepreneurs, while continually educating and entertaining  through the digital media landscape. Help us make this happen!

Peace & Love.