Est. 2013...Our baby is growing up!

Screen Shot 2018-08-07 at 11.40.36 AM.png

Its official, we're back it again, seeking a home for DC Web Fest 7! It was nice having a few months off from planning, but it's pretty exciting to get back into the groove of it all! 

Ayyyy our baby (DC Web Fest) is growing up so fast, what is a parent to do?!? It all happened so suddenly. Otessa Ghadar conceived the idea upon realizing the area's urgent need for a platform to showcase and promote the best of indie digital content. Upon carrying the new baby and enduring some labor pains that accompany the launch of a new venture, DC WEB FEST WAS BORN! Perfectly healthy, bringing joy, entertainment, and inspiration through digital content to people all around the world. Nothing makes a parent prouder than to see their baby making a difference, right?!?

To celebrate DC Web Fest's 7th birthday, we need to pick the PERFECT venue at the PERFECT location so our guests can have a PROFOUND experience. Much research to do, many places to consider. Stay tuned as the planning for DC Web Fest, Edition 7 unfolds! 

Love & Peace.