New Projects!

Hey everyone!

It’s Wednesday which means we’re half-way through the week. SO AWESOME! We’re also approaching Memorial Day weekend, which is a 3-day weekend for many of us, again, AWESOME! We hope everyone is enjoying the kiss of spring (well…except allergies!). Over here at DC Web Fest, we’ve got a lot of cool, new things happening and we’re excited to share with you!

This summer, we’ll be spending most of our time working on two projects: HardDCcore, an upcoming series about a group of teens who find themselves amidst the emergence of DC’s punk rock scene during the early 80s; and a podcast that revolves around the effects of toxic cultures on womxn - from microaggressions to mental health. If you follow us on social (which you should!), you know we did a few story polls requesting help with a name for the podcast. Here are a few names that were in the run: “Well I Didn’t See It…”, “Out of Control”, “Conversations with Hysterical Womxn”, “Don’t Be Hysterical”, and “Stop the Hysteria”. Out these names, the winner is…..”WELL I DIDN’T SEE IT…”!!!!!

We’re expanding our team with brilliant, local creatives who can help us bring these projects to life in the BEST possible ways. Keep an eye on our website redesign as we add project clips and teasers. We’re excited about this and we hope that you are too!

Remember, keep creating. The world needs it.

Peace & Love.

Name reveal cake!

Name reveal cake!