Keep Creating!

International web series watch party at Mindspace

International web series watch party at Mindspace

Time is FLYING! So crazy, it’s already been well over a month since DC Web Fest 7 concluded and we are still pretty excited. Some of the most rewarding components of the festival (aside awarding the hard work of our winners) are seeing the emerging relationships among creators along with the progression of our creators.

With creating, one of the most important factors is CONSISTENCY! The only way to truly learn, grow, and evolve is through continuation. Each year, DC Web Fest partners with various companies and organizations (such as Final Draft, Amazon Web Services, MakeOffices, etc.) to provide our winners with resources to help them continue creating on an even greater scale. What we all have to remember is that we are indeed living in a digital age. Don’t believe it? The next time you’re on a train or bus just look at the people around you. 9 times out of 10 you will see heads down with eyes glaring into mobile device screens. Because of the wide and easy access to mobile devices , the barrier to entry has been lowered to the point where anyone with an idea can create. You DO NOT need a huge budget. You DO NOT need a degree from film school or anywhere else (though we are all about education, so if you feel led to pursue such, we encourage and support you all the way!). Whether you’re an amateur or an expert, we just want you to keep creating, the world needs it.

The THE POWER of creating lies in a purpose much greater than oneself. Simply put, it’s not just about you. Your story, your passion can reach people all around the world. Your voice, your ideas can make social impact. Whether you create a story to feed people a healthy dose of laughter (which is indeed needed in this society) or you create a podcast as an avenue to express and speak on the challenges of grief like DC Web Fest alum Darwyn Dave (Creator of Dealing with My Grief Podcast) or you create virtual reality to provide technical solutions for NASA like Navteca, someone out there needs you. YOUR VOICE MATTERS, SO BE HEARD through whatever creative medium is for you.

We have been saying it and we will keep saying it. KEEP CREATING, THE WORLD NEEDS IT. The DC Web Fest/2020 Productions team will lead by example. Keep a lookout, as we’re creating some pretty awesome new projects this summer. Hold us accountable, feel free to drop us a DM or email asking about the status of our new works. We’re all stronger together than divided. So let’s mutually uplift to keep the indie spirit alive for the sake of digital content.

Peace and Love.