Location Scouting @ Eaton House!

CALLING ALL ARTISTS, ACTIVISTS, SOCIAL CHANGE AGENTS, AND ALL OTHERS MAKING IMPACT WITH YOUR WORK- If you have never been to Eaton House DC, YOU MUST GO! Seriously. This place is HOT and it’s designed just for you.

In short, Eaton House is a one-stop shop for folks who need space and resources to actualize their visions through meaningful work. This place has it all- from a podcast studio and various nooks for great coffee and food to hotel rooms, office space, event space, topped off with a dope rooftop space that is perfect for just about any event.

This place seems like it would be a super cool home for DC Web Fest 7. The folks there are very warm and welcoming. The interior is adorned with unique and eloquent art and design. There is even a theater room- perfect for a web fest , right? Yeah, this place has it all but let the photos below tell it!

Love & Peace.

Photo credits: Diana Eaton

First Location Scout: Decades & Rewind

Seems like we were just doing this all yesterday. How time FLIES! But it's fun to be back on the grind of seeking the PERFECT crib for our beloved baby- DC Web Fest, Edition 7! We've grown so much over the past several years, we've got to make sure we find a venue that has everything we need to set the party off right with the best of indie digital content, while wooing our attendees with all sorts of goodies. 

Otessa (the leading lady of the web fest) linked up with friend Marcus Dowling to visit Decades, a remarkable nightclub in the heart of DC's DuPont neighborhood. The venue is SO lively! Multiple floors with multiple screens. The decor is out of this world and how can I not mention the bangin' food that Rewind (by Decades) offers. OMG it is sooooo good. You gotta try it!

Anyhow, looking at photos is far more fun than reading, so check out some snapshots from the trip to Decades!

Peace & Love.

Photo credit: Otessa Ghadar

Otessa and other greats at Blerdcon!

So, imagine this- a bunch of people convening to nerd out, exchange ideas, showcase work, and disperse knowledge- the 2018 Blerdcon! 

Creatives from all over gathered for the LOVE of art and creativity. We're super proud to announce that Otessa Ghadar did what she does best at the event- spoke all about creating on the digital landscape. The opportunity to share knowledge and teach with passion is always an honor. It's even cooler when you're amongst other women creators who are full of amazing stories and experiences. 

There are only three days left until the community voting round for the Beacon Grant Program ends. This grant is designed to make DC a hub for women entrepreneurs and creators. Simply put, there is a need for more content/products/services BY WOMEN, FOR WOMEN! The DC web fest has celebrated many female creators, from filmmakers to podcasters. We're pumped about possibly winning this grant, as it will allow is to REALLY scale up our content, provide more resources for women creators and entrepreneurs, while continually educating and entertaining  through the digital media landscape. Help us make this happen!

Peace & Love.


Otessa + BEACON Grant Program


So, we got the news and we're totally AMPED. Two of Otessa's projects have been selected as apart of the Beacon Grant Program community voting round! Pretty exciting to say the least. In short, the Beacon Grant Program provides funding and resources to women who are doing major work and making an impact in the DC area. The idea is to make DC a hub for female entrepreneurs- stuff created BY WOMEN, FOR WOMEN. 

The two projects selected are DC Web Fest and "She So Crazy". Most of you probably already know all about DC Web Fest, the area's first digital media festival that entertains and educates through promoting and showcasing the best of indie digital content. "She So Crazy" is the newest project co-produced by Otessa Ghadar and good friend Ashley Reede. 

"She So Crazy" is a multimedia project that uses portrait photography, podcast segments, blogs, and tv/digital series to give women a platform to tell their stories and experiences with toxic culture- from microaggressions and sexism to internalization and coping, we are unpacking it ALL with this project. The hope from the project is that women will not only experience a sense of relief and liberation upon speaking out on these issues, but we hope that it will form a sort of sisterhood. 

If we win this grant, we will be provided with the funds and resources to scale up the QUALITY and QUANTITY of our content, reaching a wider audience and making a greater impact. Are you with us? If so, do these two steps to push us closer to winning!

1) Visit https://beacon.grantplatform.com/register/maEbMKJw

2) Register to access the community voting section

3) Search for DC Web Fest and She So Crazy and vote!

We're reaching for the stars!

Love & Peace!


Est. 2013...Our baby is growing up!

Screen Shot 2018-08-07 at 11.40.36 AM.png

Its official, we're back it again, seeking a home for DC Web Fest 7! It was nice having a few months off from planning, but it's pretty exciting to get back into the groove of it all! 

Ayyyy our baby (DC Web Fest) is growing up so fast, what is a parent to do?!? It all happened so suddenly. Otessa Ghadar conceived the idea upon realizing the area's urgent need for a platform to showcase and promote the best of indie digital content. Upon carrying the new baby and enduring some labor pains that accompany the launch of a new venture, DC WEB FEST WAS BORN! Perfectly healthy, bringing joy, entertainment, and inspiration through digital content to people all around the world. Nothing makes a parent prouder than to see their baby making a difference, right?!?

To celebrate DC Web Fest's 7th birthday, we need to pick the PERFECT venue at the PERFECT location so our guests can have a PROFOUND experience. Much research to do, many places to consider. Stay tuned as the planning for DC Web Fest, Edition 7 unfolds! 

Love & Peace. 


DC Web Fest EDITION 7!

Cam Willams (left) & Romeo Carbarga (right) of the DC Web Fest Team. 

Cam Willams (left) & Romeo Carbarga (right) of the DC Web Fest Team. 

Here we are, August 1st. It is so amazing how time FLIES. It seems like just yesterday the DC Web Fest team was in the development stage for DC Web Fest 6. This exact time last year, the team was researching and location scouting to find a home for DC Web Fest 6. Then came the web development part, the sponsorship hunt, recruiting top-notch industry professionals to serve on the advisory board, etc. to build up to the amazing experience we all had on April 6 & 7. Its crazy that we're about to jump back into it all over again :) Exciting it is. 

How can we scale up this year? How can we provide our attendees with a remarkable experience that they'll never forget? How can we scale up our content? WHERE IS THE HOME FOR DC WEB FEST EDITION 7?? All things we have to consider and figure out over the next several months. Nonetheless, one thing we are sure about is we're SCALING IT UP and doing it BIG! Stay tuned folks! 

Love & Peace.  

Unleash Your Creativity and Go Make Something DOPE!

Photo credit: Otessa Ghadar

Photo credit: Otessa Ghadar

So, this blog comes from the heart. It's something that we can all relate to in some way. Creativity is such a POWERFUL tool to provoke thought to stimulate conversation, entertain, evoke social change, etc. The sky is the limit when it comes to creativity.

I think it's pretty fair to say that many creatives experience what may feel like is a dry spell- the feeling that your creativity is locked up and your productivity and fruitfulness is minimal. This can be for many reasons. I think one of the most common reasons is the inner-voice or the "inner-me" that can often be our biggest enemy. You know, the little voice that discourages you from pursuing that awesome idea for whatever reasons. The negative voice that tries to gripe you with fear. The self-destructing, critical voice that tells you YOUR IDEAS ARE NEVER GOOD ENOUGH!

Guess what, YOU ARE NOT ALONE! Lots of us are dealing with very similar struggles. So, how do you beat it? DO IT ANY WAY! Got an idea that seems crazy or impossible? GO FOR IT! Afraid of persecution? DO IT ANY WAY! Don't think it'll work? MAKE IT WORK! Don't feel like anyone will pay attention to your work and hear your voice? MAKE SUCH A BANG THAT NO ONE WILL BE ABLE TO IGNORE!

You gotta just do it, you know? You've got it in you. It's inborn. It's apart of who you are and no one can take it away, not even you! So silence whatever negative voice that has had your creativity locked up and unleash! Go crazy (in a good way!) and make something the world will never forget.

Peace & Love.

Eighth Grade Press Screening- Thanks to The Wing!

All photo credit: Orla Conway 

All photo credit: Orla Conway 

The Wing DC, a co-working space for women who demonstrate excellence in their work, graciously invited their members to an exclusive screening of "Eight Grade" at E St. Cinema. Many thanks to the Wing for the awesome opportunity to screen this brilliant film! Also, may thanks to our friends Orla Conway and her beautiful mother, Peggy Pridemore (the locations guru for all movies that are shot in the mid-atlantic), who attended the screening on our behalf.

They had nothing but positive comments about the movie! Check out Orla's quotes: 

"Really fun, the panel afterwards was cool. It's definitely another white teen coming of age story but this one was VERY believable. The awkwardness was played so well that it had the audience verbally cringing and calling out with exclamations of advice lol." 

"I think we've ALL felt similarly to the protagonist when we were 13."

"They cover school shooting preparation drills and sexual assault in a very relatable way that most young women experience."

Our friend Hena Ghaznavi did not attend but she said this:
"Yeah Bo Burnam is a YouTube comedian I really like and he wrote and directed the film, so I knew it'd have some poignant moments."

I think that's all you need to know to GET OUT AND GO SEE THE MOVIE TOMORROW! Visit https://tickets.eighthgrade.movie/ for showtimes and tickets.

Meanwhile, enjoy the below photos from the screening at E St. Cinema (click the photo to scroll to the next).

HardDCcore & Wailing Wednesdays

Day 2 of shooting- Mosh pit scene. Photo credit: Cam Williams

Day 2 of shooting- Mosh pit scene. Photo credit: Cam Williams

So, as you all know, this is our first blog in a LONG time! We've been away for a while but we're super proud to announce we've been working on some new projects. 

After DC Web Fest 6 successfully wrapped, we immediately started working on the trailer to what we hope will evolve into a series. 2020 Productions teamed up with Astray Productions to make HardDCcore, a film about a group of high school kids who discover themselves in the midst of the emergence of the punk rock scene in DC in the early 80s. We shot the trailer in two days, in two northern virgina locations. We had an AMAZING cast and crew. DC Stunt Coalition came out to coordinate our mosh pit scene. It was so fun.

We're super excited about this new beginning! HardDCcore is just beginning and we are eager to tell the whole world. Today we're kicking off WAILING WEDNESDAY! Staying true to the theme of HardDCcore, we'd love to connect with amazing guitarists to promote their work on our social accounts and website! If you have skills, all you have to do is DM us a clip of you wailing, shredding, or whatever and we will choose one artist to feature each week. 

Do you follow HardDCcore on IG? If not, you're late, so get to it! Also, www.harddccore.com will be going live in the VERY near future, so stay tuned! Meanwhile, enjoy the below video- a major source of inspiration for the HardDCcore project. Bad Brains played a big part in the emergence of the punk rock scene in DC. 




DC Web Fest 6 recap: International & Alum highlight

So, it's been about a week and a half since DC Web Fest 6 and the momentum is still WAY up there! Today we would like to give an extra shout out to all of our international phenoms who stand as excellent creative ambassadors for their countries.


To our winning creators from all around the world, we URGE you to keep up the good work! Keep creating, keep changing, and keep inspiring. You have every reason to be proud.

Also, we definitely want to shout out our official selection and winning alums from American University and Kenyon College. These universities are certainly turning out some amazing creators who are making their mark in this world. We're proud of you and we're sure your schools are as well!